The demand for tap water in hospitality: how to deal with it as an entrepreneur?

A growing demand for tap water

The demand for tap water in the hospitality industry is growing. Research has even shown that 92% of the Dutch people think that there should always be the possibility to order tap water – whether paid or not (Gfk, 2017). After all, the tap water in the Netherlands is of excellent quality. But to which extent is the consumer willing to pay for tap water? As a hospitality entrepreneur, how do you deal with this without losing sales?

6 out of 10 people are willing to pay for tap water for a good cause

Gfk survey conducted among 47.000 respondents

Spring water versus tap water

It is the marketing of well-known brands that makes us believe that spring water is better than tap water – and therefore worth more. However, last year an episode of the Dutch TV-program showed that so-called spring water is not necessarily better than tap water. They showed that the water from well-known brands often comes from the same source as our tap water. “If you live in Utrecht, you are flushing your toilet with so-called spring water,” says “De Keuringsdienst van Waarde”. Read more here.

Bottle your own water with a water cooler

To meet the demand of the guests, hospitality entrepreneurs could bottle their own water using a water cooler. This water tap system is connected to the water network and cools, filters and carbonizes the water. In this way you make your own “spring water” out of tap water, but then locally. This is much more sustainable, because there is no transportation needed anymore. And in terms of quality, it does not differ from a branded spring water.

Tap water for a good cause

The consumer appears to be more willing to pay for tap water when it is linked to a good cause. A study by Gfk among 47,000 respondents shows that 6 out of 10 Dutch people are willing to pay for tap water that contributes to a good cause. We want to offer hospitality entrepreneurs this opportunity. When you choose to serve water MADE BLUE, we do not only take care of the installation of the water cooler for you, but we also ensure that all your guest’s consumptions are mirrored with 1,000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries. That is what we call: doing good by doing business!

Would you like to bottle your own table water?

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