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Bottle Up
As every year, we are announcing our meter reading on World Water Day. How many liters of clean drinking water have we been able to realize since our start? This year we are combining this with BIG news …
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Small English interview met MADE BLUE over social ondernemen voor schoon drinkwater
September shows how many ways we make water from water: from catering to webshop and from filled bottles to offices. Below you can read how we worked on clean drinking water for everyone in September and how you can participate.
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MADE BLUE is on a mission: clean drinking water for everyone. To achieve this, we are mirroring daily water use in countries with a large water shortage in more and more places. We already do this at offices (water coolers), in the catering industry (table water) and at corporate companies (water footprint). This is how we make water from water and give it back in countries where water is not self-evident!