Sustainability in the hospitality industry: a business case

Sustainability: it is a big issue in our society. Nowadays you can no longer do business without a well-considered corporate responsibility policy. The hospitality industry, in general, is not a sustainable business. It costs a lot of energy and there is a lot of waste, after all. That is not only a threat to our planet, but it also costs the entrepreneur lots of money every year. What are quick wins for making the hospitality industry more sustainable?

Quick wins for a more sustainable hospitality industry

Small adjustments can quickly make a difference in terms of sustainability. The hotel industry is already doing this, for example, by asking its guests to reuse the towels. That is not only better for our planet but also cost-saving. Also, water-saving faucets and sensor lighting are investments that you earn back quickly. Furthermore, you could consider a smaller menu to reduce waste. But also you should think about replacing the rubbers of the fridges frequently, in order to reduce energy costs.

Tap water for a more sustainable hospitality industry

In addition to the aforementioned adjustments, serving tap water is also a simple way to make it more sustainable. First of all, because it leaves out the transportation. Secondly, it leaves out glass waste, because the bottles are reused. And in terms of sustainability: reuse is always better dan recycling. In terms of quality, water of well-known brands is not better than tap water, claims opinion maker Teun van de Keuken claims in this article in De Volkskrant. After all, so-called “spring water” from well-known brands often comes from the same source as the water that flows from the tap, he says.

Serving tap water is an easy way to make your hospitality business more sustainable.

Sustainable water with MADE BLUE

MADE BLUE makes it possible for hospitality entrepreneurs to bottle high-quality water locally. For an average of 50 cents per liter, the hospitality entrepreneur can lease a water cooler and glassware. In return, MADE BLUE will mirror each consumption with 1,000 times as much liters of clean drinking in developing countries. This is not only very sustainable, but it also saves the entrepreneur about 1,500 euros a year. That is not only a good story towards the guests, but also a good business case!

Do you want to bottle your own water in your restaurant?

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