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Making water everybody’s business – Fatema’s story

For some time now we have been investing in the water project “Making water everybody’s business” in Ethiopia. Fatema’s story shows the impact of the project.

Fatema's story

The highly pregnant Fatema was willing to give all for her children to get clean drinking water. “I couldn’t run the risk of my children drinking contaminated water. The risk of diarrhea or even death is too great. ” And so, until the day of her delivery, Fatema walked four kilometers every day to the water pump in the adjacent village. Often she had to wait there for hours until all the inhabitants of that village got their water. In busy evenings she sometimes even had to return home with an empty jerry can. Until the day of her delivery she fetched water daily. “I often had cramps along the way and had to rest on the way.”

Restoring the water pump was therefore greeted with joy by Fatema and her fellow villagers. Fatema is incredibly happy. “My children can drink water safely and can go to school every day because they are not sick.”

In Africa drinking water is very dangerous

When we are thirsty, we walk to the tap, fill our glass and drink some water. A simple act that we don’t even think about anymore. How different that is for millions of people in Africa! Due to a lack of clean drinking water and good sanitation, 430,000 children die each year from the consequences of diarrhea. That is 1,200 children (40 overcrowded school classes) per day.

In Ethiopia, 42.5 million people have no access to clean drinking water. As many as 71 million people do not even have good sanitation. Immense numbers – and the consequences are therefore incalculable. That is why we invest in the five-year health program: “Making water everybody’s business” executed by Amref Flying Doctors.

Until the day of the delivery I got water. That took all day and now only half an hour.