Research shows: Dutch people pay up to 75% more for water with a good story

The demand for table water in the hospitality industry is growing. After all, Dutch tap water is of great quality, so why don’t use it? But are people willing to pay for tp water? To gain more insight into this question, we asked GfK to conduct a study among 47,000 respondents. In this blog we will show you the results.

92% thinks ordering tap water should always be an option

The research shows that 92% of the Dutch people think that there should always be the option to order tap water – paid or unpaid. They are willing to pay an average of € 1.04 for tap water. The survey also showed that it is age-dependent whether people want to pay for table water or not. For example, Dutch people under the age of 40 are willing to pay up to 50 cents more for table water than people over 50.

Water for a good cause

The survey also showed that people are willing to pay more for water with a good story. The moment the MADE BLUE story is presented – which is that the water consumption will be mirrored with 1,000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries – 6 out of 10 Dutch people are positively surprised. In that case they are even prepared to pay up to 75% more for their water, which is, expressed in euros, about € 1.42 more.

Dutch people are willing to pay up to 75% more for water that contributes to charity. Expressed in euros, that’s about € 1.42 more.

From tap water to spring water with a water cooler

MADE BLUE makes it possible for hospitality entrepreneurs to bottle high-quality water locally. For an average of 50 cents per liter, the hospitality entrepreneur can lease a water cooler and glassware. In return, MADE BLUE will mirror each consumption with 1,000 times as much liters of clean drinking in developing countries. This is not only very sustainable, but it also saves the entrepreneur about 1,500 euros a year. That is not only a good story towards the guests, but also a good business case!

Do you want to bottle your own water in your restaurant?

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