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  • Ambassador since 2017
  • O2Life donates 5 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries for every bottle of O2Life sold.
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O2Life is a super refreshing drink made of 100% natural mineral water to which extra oxygen is added. Together with Made Blue O2Life makes sure that 5 litres of safe drinking water is provided in developing countries for every bottle of O2Life that is sold.

“That way you will never drink this refreshing drink alone ever again!”

Luc Putmans

Founder and owner

On screen

O2Life made a nice animation on Facebook to show followers their contribution to clean drinking water: 1=5

O2Life: 1 fles =5 liter schoon drinkwater in ontwikkelingslanden

Wist je dat er bij elke verkochte fles O2Life voor 5 liter schoon drinkwater wordt gezorgd in ontwikkelingslanden? 1=5! Dit in samenwerking met Made Blue. Dat drinkt nog lekkerder….

Geplaatst door O2Life op Woensdag 5 juni 2019