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Hoppig Beer Festival

  • Ambassador since 2019
  • Donates 100 litres of water per beer consumed
  • Bezoek website

Hoppig Beer Festival is the Beer Festival in the Haarlemmermeer with Dutch brewers. For every beer that is consumed, Hoppig donates 100 liters of water and every remaining coin is good for 100 liters.

“For 1 litre of beer, 6 liters of water are needed. If you add the water to rinse the bottles, to clean, to grow the grain and the hops. Then you need 25 liters of water for 1 litre of beer . If you drink 1 glass (15 cl) of beer at our festival, it will cost almost 1 litre of water. We will donate no less than 100 litres of clean drinking water for this. “