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filters water and add minerals
Aquablu is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE en doneert 10.000 liter schoon drinkwater per verkocht filter
  • Ambassador since 2020
  • Donates 10,000 litres per filter
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Enjoy the purest water, without the aftertaste of transport and plastic packaging. Without scary chemicals, drug residues or metals. Straight from the source, only better. It is possible with the dynamic water filters from Aquablu! Aquablu’s membrane filter offers a tailor-made solution for any kind of water pollution for both home and professional use.

“We believe that no one in the world should have to rely on plastic bottles for safe drinking water.”

Marnix Stokvis


In the picture

Drinking water, from the canals. Aquablu’s team went on the canals to showcase that the best water, is local water.