What does it take to join MADE BLUE?

How much does it cost to become an ambassador?

Charities are often critically approached. Do they really have sincere intentions? Are the donations being spent in a proper and effective way? These are questions that we also have to deal with as a registered charity. Because we want to operate with maximum transparency and effectiveness, we are very clear about all costs involved.


Our main promise always holds: every donation of 30 cents guarantees 1,000 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries.  We are keen on measuring our results and not only delivering clean water to places where it’s needed most, but delivering measurable impact to our donors as well.

Together we define what product or service you want to link to Made Blue and what amount of (projected) water savings you want to mirror with realizing equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries. You might want to differentiate in product categories or customer groups, we are ready to help.


From every 30 cents received, 20 cents will be reserved for direct investments in clean drinking water in developing countries. For example for borehole drilling (at great depth), pipeline construction and installing water tanks and taps at community centers. In all cases, it is about hardware with which we produce measurable amounts of clean drinking water at those places on earth where it is needed most.


Of the 20 cents, 2 cents is reserved for monitoring and evaluation of the water projects before, during and after execution. For this we work together with Aqua for All, expert in the field of monitoring and evaluation in water, sanitation and hygiene projects in developing countries and related to the Dutch Government. Every project we select will be carefully reviewed and calculated beforehand. We therefor know for sure that our promise holds and that water facilities are in operation for at least 10 years.

“We know for sure that our promise holds and that water facilities are in operation for at least 10 years”


MADE BLUE wants to make the world a better place, unfortunately that does not happen automatically. The investments we have to make are covered by the remaining 10 cents of the donation and are spent as follows:

  • 4 cents for growing MADE BLUE and connecting new ambassadors
  • 2 cents for distributing our message through supporting our ambassadors’ communications
  • 2 cents for developing new products and services
  • 2 cents for other expenses, such as administration and general overhead

What do I get in return?

We provide with numerous communication materials to share the story of our partnership and common goal: clean water for all! That includes an annual certificate confirming the amount of clean water made available on your behalf. We can also include additional sub-certificates for you to hand out to your clients and specifying the amount of clean water realized on their behalf.

As an ambassador to Made Blue, you join an international network of companies actively caring about water. We organize meet-ups, share information and connect leaders.

Are you looking for custom made communication materials about our partnership? We are ready to help.

Are there additional costs?

No, in fact not. We do have a ‘fair use policy’: we support wherever we can but in case that leads to significant extra capacity on our side or direct expenses, we ask for additional financial support. Of course that is usually not the case as a lot of materials are already available.

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