How are the litres realized?

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In order to deliver the litres of clean water in developing countries, we for example drill to water (at great depth), construct pipelines and install water tanks and taps. In all cases it is about installing hardware that produces clean drinking water at those places on earth where it is most needed and in a way that can be measured.

MADE BLUE works with local partners who have been active in the communities for decades: Amref Health Africa in Kenya and Ethiopia, World Vision in Senegal and Simavi in Bangladesh and Vietnam. Only local knowledge, manpower and materials are being used. The value creation is maintained locally and all materials and knowledge are available on site, even in the case of future expansion or repairs.


Unfortunately, in the past many well-intended initiatives have died an early death. In Africa for example, there are a large number of water pumps that no longer work. That is tragic and a waste of money. We therefore assess every new project on how maintenance is secured for a minimum of 10 years. Often this means that people pay a small contribution for the water consumed, enabling savings for maintenance and repairs. In advance, people are also trained to carry out maintenance and support local partners when not adequate.

How do I know the litres are being realized?

We work in a most transparant way and therefor issue certificates to every ambassador, every year. The certificate specifies the amount of litres realized on behalf of the ambassador and in what timeframe. On our side, Made Blue is externally audited on actually having realized all litres combined. Those findings are detailed in the Made Blue Foundation annual report. Of course we operate with enough margins to counter for (technical) failures: at this point Made Blue overdelivers its promises by about 12%.

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