a litre for a litre

MADE BLUE matches the water saved by companies, products or services by creating equal amounts of clean water: 1 litre for 1 litre.
Water needed for creating products such as soap, clothing or a cappuccino and for realizing services such as cleaning or events is made available in developing countries.



Select a product or service from your portfolio and (ask us to help) calculate the amount of water that is saved (or used) with producing or using the product or service.


We calculate the required donation needed to convert those litres into as many litres of clean drinking water in developing countries with a permanent water shortage.


You will receive a certificate corresponding with the amount of clean drinking water delivered on your behalf elsewhere on the planet and we will share regular updates on the progress of our work in African and Asian countries.


We are happy to help you communicate your impact with MADE BLUE to your colleagues and stakeholders and continuously provide (graphic) updates, short films and, for example, sub certificates to hand out to your clients.


Three (and more) reasons to partner with MADE BLUE


Everybody using your products and/or services will contribute to a better world, effortless and with a smile.


We promise to deliver at least one thousand litres of clean water in developing countries for every €0,30 donated to MADE BLUE and we will do so within projects that we are sure will continue to last for over 10 years.


‘A litre for a litre’ is about real and measurable impact in developing countries, linked directly to your sustainability efforts and water footprint.


These organisations have joined Made Blue
  • Tennant Company

    We offer our clients something very specific: one liter of water saved by a Tennant machine delivers one liter of clean drinking water in a developing country.” Vincent Gielen, Strategic Accountmanager

  • HMSHost

    “Our guests travel all over the world, also to countries where safe drinking water is almost impossible to find. We think it is important to make our guests aware of this. That is why we mirror the water consumption of the production and consumption of all our drinks in the more than 70 locations at Schiphol. “

  • Hoppig Beer Festival

    Hoppig Beer Festival is the Beer Festival in the Haarlemmermeer with Dutch brewers. For every beer that is consumed, Hoppig donates 100 liters of water and every remaining coin is good for 100 liters.

  • IBN Facilitair

    IBN Facilitair offers all facility services in and around buildings and houses: cleaning, catering, maintenance, gardening, document services and a meeting centre. IBN Facilitair mirrors the entire water footprint of all of its buildings by investing in equal amounts of clean drinking water being made available in developing countries with Made Blue.

  • Hotelgift

    “Zo realiseerden we in de maand december maar liefst 4.000.000 liter schoon drinkwater! Dat is voldoende om 58 mensen 10 jaar lang te voorzien van schoon drinkwater. Gaaf toch?”

  • Ambius

    We are proud of what we achieve with our donation and that we contribute to creating awareness about the access to clean water at the same time – which for us is such a standard that we even water our plants with it.” Laila Vernooij – Marketing Manager Benelux

  • Vebego

    Multiple Vebego companies offer their customers the possibility to mirror the water saved with cleaning activities at the clients site through Made Blue: a litre for a litre.

  • Fair Flora

    The water used for growing flowers and plants with the Fair Flora label is made available again to the same extent as clean drinking water in developing countries.

  • Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

    Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods and Made Blue cooperate to make clean drinking water available to those in environments coping with great amounts of water stress. For the time to come, Vreugdenhil and Made Blue jointly finance waterprojects in developing countries: the water extracted from milk in The Netherlands, is mirrored with drinking water made available in markets in which the Vreugdenhil milk powder is sold and that deal with serious water stress.

litres of clean water
people access to water for 10 yrs

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