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What does it cost?

starting at a donation of

€ 30

per month

As a charity and social enterprise we do not aim at making a profit. That is why we can keep prices low, even including your donation for access to clean water for all.

Your monthly contribution depends on:

  • How much impact you want to make
  • Water coolers you might want on loan or to buy
  • Your thoughts on glassware and accessories

How much impact you want to make?

We make clear promises to our ambassadors, for example that a donation of 30 cents always translates to 1,000 litres of clean drinking water made available in developing countries. Read more about how we spend your donations.

As an ambassador to MADE BLUE you realize at least 1.000.000 litres of clean water in developing countries for every water cooler in use. Do you already have a water cooler and glassware, do you want to buy one (from us or other suppliers) or don’t you need any hardware? A monthly donation of 30 Euros gives access to our communication materials and guarantees one million litres of clean water being made available elsewhere on the planet, year after year on your behalf: assuring over 125 people in developing countries of access to clean drinking water, today and for the years to come.

Do you want to enjoy filtered, chilled, still & sparkling or even hot water at work? Contact us: our ambassadors are entitled to buy hardware at cost price or have equipment on loan for a small monthly contribution.

I want a water cooler... or not?

You can get a water cooler from us at cost price or on loan for a fixed low monthly contribution, added to your donation. In that case, costs such as depreciation, maintenance & service and parts in case of break-down are all included in your total monthly contribution to MADE BLUE.

If you choose to work with us for at least 5 years, we can spread those costs over a longer period of time and have you enjoy an even smaller monthly contribution. We do however want you to be able to change your mind anytime and therefor offer all of our plans also without a multi-year contract.

In any case you can start without investment, only paying for a deposit for equipment on loan.

What glassware to go with?

Glassware can be included in your monthly contribution to MADE BLUE or be purchased directly at cost price. When part of your monthly contribution, you may count on us for annual replacement to ensure beautiful glassware anytime.

The best buy is for you to go with our signature glassware: beautiful design and produced in larger numbers. However, if you choose for a custom-designed print, the possibilities are endless: one-sided, two-sided, all around, white, black, colour etc.

We have our signature bottles in two sizes in stock: 0.70 liters and 0.35 liters. Carafes come in 1.00 litres and 0.50 liters. Read all about our glassware here.

Example calculation

Below are some example calculations based on
different needs, impact and equipment in use.

We like to make a custom calculation based on
what equipment and glassware you need and
how much impact you want to make.

Find out how we can help you help us!


30euro per month

  • Without
    water cooler
  • 1.000.000 litres clean water per year
  • Communication materials
  • Terminable monthly


33euro per month

  • ambient & chilled
  • 1.000.000 litres clean water in 5 years
  • Communication materials
  • 5-year contract
  • Water cooler 'Sport'
  • Service & maintenance

still & sparkling

59euro per month

  • ambient & chilled
    still & sparkling
  • 1.000.000 litres clean water in 5 years
  • Communication materials
  • 5-year contract
  • Water cooler 'Model Piccola'
  • Service & maintenance
  • CO2 starting kit
  • Professional filter & replacements

sparkling & hot

103euro per month

  • chilled & hot
    still, sparkling
  • 1.000.000 litres clean water per year
  • Communication materials
  • Terminable monthly
  • Water cooler 'Model A'
  • Service & maintenance
  • CO2 starting kit
  • Professional filter & replacements


We support your communication as much as possible so that every ambassador, large or small, can make optimal use of the power of MADE BLUE. We offer:

  • online communication materials (images, texts, logos);
  • a complete communication package for on location;
  • a personal contact point;
  • advice on equipment and glassware;
  • support in the design of glassware and communication;
  • regular updates on the impact generated elsewhere on Earth;
  • support in communication about realized impact;
  • various possibilities to involve employees in the impact;

The ambassador contribution is included in the example calculations above. Additional costs for printed matter, custom designs or, for example, externally produced videos are borne by the ambassador.


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