How does it work?

the best water for your employees, your clients, and the world

In fact, bottled water is often just natural springwater put into bottles in a factory. The quality is the same (or even less) than tap water, but there is a lot of energy, CO2 emissions and transport added to it. Read more about the difference between tap water, spring water and mineral water.

To make purified water from tap water, you really only need a filter, bottles and a tap. However, if you want to offer chilled and sparkling water, you need a water cooler (water machine). This cooler not only chills the water coming from the pipe/tap, but also adds carbonic acid to make sparkling water. If desired, a filter is also placed to filter remaining very small particles from the water.


The water cooler can be connected to the mains (as is a dishwasher or washing machine). There are under-counter water coolers that connect to a tap tower (existing or new), counter-top coolers and free-standing models.

Depending on how much water you want to be able to serve per hour and at peak times, we offer a cooler with appropriate capacity. A water cooler takes up relatively little space. What’s more, it relieves you from your bottled water storage.


In this video you will see how a counter-top model water cooler is connected and set up. In this case as a free-standing model, but a counter-top machine can be placed on any surface.

In our placement requirements you can read what conditions need to be met.


In the case of an under-counter machine, we place a tap tower on the bar or connect to an existing tap tower. It is detailed in the video below. The tap tower in this video is optional and offers portion control.


To ensure you can keep drinking the best water for your guests, your clients, and the world, equipment is serviced regularly. The optional filtercilinder is then also changed. In case of a malfuction, you can count on instant service, covered within your monthly donation when you have a MADE BLUE water machine on loan.

Beautiful glassware

We offer different bottles and decanters with our characteristic MADE BLUE imprint. This allows guests to experience a high quality table water in solid glassware and with an impressive story to it. We have standard bottles of 0.7 and 0.35 litres in stock and decanters of 1.0 or 0.5 litres.

You can also choose to custom design our glassware, for example with your own logo or art. See several examples of our ambassadors below.

Would you prefer to use your own glassware or order another type of bottle or carafe? That is also possible, please contact us.



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How does it work?

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