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A nice message from Ethiopia, blue flowers, a new collaboration with the Pleeboy, and Black, no Blue Friday is coming. You can read all about it in this update for the past month of November.

A lot of work is being done in Ethiopia to complete this phase of the project by the end of 2020 according to the so-called bicycle model. Corona has an unexpected effect here. Read more about it in this update.

Breaking news: ‘s Zomers Bloemen is the first flower shop, or rather Botanical Warehouse because that is what it is, that becomes an ambassador for Made Blue. It is already a very special experience to visit the department store in Rotterdam, but it is now even better with chilled and sparkling water from Made Blue.

Enjoy the purest water, without the aftertaste of transport and plastic packaging. Without scary chemicals, medicine residues or metals. Straight from the source, only better. It is possible with the dynamic water filters from Aquablu! Aquablu’s membrane filter offers a tailor-made solution for any kind of water pollution for both home and professional use. So we can even offer our hospitality ambassadors the opportunity to make their own mineral water! From now on Aquablu donates over every filtered liter of water.

Aquablu is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE

The catering industry may be closed, but that does not alter the fact that we wanted to put one of our ambassadors in the spotlight again. This time Restaurant De Beuze in Zierikzee. They have already realized 5,318,850 liters, which is good for a saving of 75 tons of CO2 and for clean drinking water for 72 people for 10 years or more!

If your catering business or your office is closed, it may be useful to switch off the water cooler for a while. This can be done fairly easily, but there are a few points to consider. Our installation partner MERKKwater drew up a clear step-by-step plan for this. You can download it here.

What is the difference between bottled water and tapping water yourself with a water machine or water cooler connected to the watertap? How does MADE BLUE distinguish itself from commercial providers of water tap systems? Can’t see the water because of the drops? We have made a nice overview for you.

It’s almost Black again, no Blue Friday! Are you going all out that weekend? Take a look at Kings of Indigo because there you not only buy the best jeans, but also get 100,000 liters of clean drinking water. Does that actually fit in the parcel deliverer’s van?

The men from Pleeboys B.V. have the solution for messy toilet brushes: The Pleeboy, a brush with reservoir that can also be lifted. They save a lot of water because people no longer have to clean the seat and then flush again. That is why they donate 5% of their profits as clean drinking water in developing countries.

De Pleeboy

Conservation Labs has recently also become ambassador for Made Blue. They supply the smart water meter H2Know. We were of course also allowed to try out this H2Know ourselves and that immediately led to new insights.

There are more solutions available for mapping water consumption, but H2Know is the first that can tell you exactly which tap or which device uses when and how much water, based on machine learning. This makes H2Know the ideal tool for building managers, hospitality and offices.

Do you also want to try out a H2know? Send us a message because we still have one available …

Do you also want to contribute to clean drinking water for everyone in a way that suits you?

December will be a beautiful month for us. We are about to launch a new concept together with Klepierre at Hoog Catharijne and in the Markthal Rotterdam with CWS. Stay tuned on Facebook or LinkedIn to be the first to hear what we’re going to do.