New bottle hangers with QR-code

We have something new for the hospitality industry: bottle hangers with a QR code through which guests can do an extra donation. Are you an MADE BLUE ambassador and do you want to tell the story MADE BLUE, while making more impact with your guests? Order them for free!

Perhaps it is an open door, but therefore no less true: all bits help. That is why we have developed new bottle hangers for the hospitality industry. On the one side of the hangers, guests can read what MADE BLUE table water exactly entails and, on the other side, they can donate extra litres of clean drinking water for developing countries through the QR code.

Are you already a hospitality ambassador for MADE BLUE and do you want to tell the story even better? Or do you want to make more impact together with your guests? Eitherway, you can order these bottle hangers for free!

Flessenhanger met QR-code - MADE BLUE - horeca - water, tafelwater, bronwater, mineraalwater