Mirroring the water footprint: what does that mean?

Clean water for everyone: that is our mission. That is why we have found three different propositions with which companies can return their water consumption to people who suffer from water shortage. We also call this “mirroring the water footprint”. But how does this work? And what is the difference with compensation?

How does the mirroring principle work?

The principle of mirroring is actually very simple: you return the water that you use here to people who don’t have access to drinking water. Of course, we don’t literally donate them water, but with our propositions we raise money for clean drinking water projects in developing countries. Consequently, we give this money to our charity partners, who carry out these water projects. Since these partners have many years of experience, they can show us exactly what the impact is of each euro that we transfer to them. That is why we know that every 20 cents realizes 1,000 liters of clean drinking water, which provides someone with clean drinking water for 50 days. Do you want to learn more about how this works for our propositions? Then read this blog!

The principle of mirroring is actually very simple: you return the water that you use here to people who don’t have access to drinking water.

Mirroring versus compensation

We have probably all heard of compensating the CO2 footprint, as it is the case, for example, with planting trees to compensate for a flight. This will make your flight climate neutral. We use the term mirroring because returning water to developing countries does not mean that you compensate for your own water use. After all, returning clean water to developing countries does not give you back the water you used. That is why we avoid the term “compensation”.

The three propositions

We have applied the principle of mirroring water to the following three propositions:

Water for hospitality – We facilitate hospitality entrepreneurs with a water cooler and mirror every liter of water that is served with 1,000 liters of water in developing countries

Water for the office – For companies that want to provide their employees with cooled, flat and sparkling water, thereby providing 1,000,000 liters of clean drinking water in developing countries every year.

– Mirroring the water footprint (or water savings) for companies that use a lot of water every year: One litre for one litre


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