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As every year, we are announcing our meter reading on World Water Day.
How many liters of clean drinking water have we been able to realize since our start?
This year we are combining this with BIG news …

Last year

2020 was of course all about the Corona crisis. This only makes it even more clear how important access to clean drinking water and hygiene is. How should you wash your hands without water or soap?

We are pleased that, despite the enormous impact of Covid-19 on our hospitality ambassadors in particular, we have been able to make a major contribution to our mission: clean drinking water for everyone.

Fortunately, the negative impact on our water projects has remained very limited and behind the scenes we have been able to spend our time well by working on various new developments.

Thank you

Our meter reading was established thanks to the contribution of more than 350 ambassadors. Companies such as Vebego and CWS, but also many hospitality businesses, offices and private individuals.

Various new ambassadors were also connected during the lockdown who will now or soon contribute to clean drinking water for everyone. They also know where to find us abroad thanks to Bottle Up and Castalie, for example.

We are therefore looking forward to a very nice 2021 in which we will increase our meter reading faster than ever. But first: thank you for your huge contribution so far on behalf of the entire team and board!

This is our meter reading on March 22, 2021:

litres of clean drinking water

PS: Do you also find it annoying that the counter just stopped before the 8 billion?
A donation of 150 euros will help us cross that magical limit. Will you help?

How much is that exactly?

8 billion litres sounds like a lot of water, but how much is it really? Converted it means that we:

  • 109,581provided with
  • 20litres of water a day for
  • 10years of more

20 litres a day

That is enough for a person in a developing country to drink, cook and wash safely. We base ourselves on a standard of the United Nations. That 20 liters is really the minimum because in fact 50 to 100 litres of water would be needed to stay healthy and safe.

In our projects, we calculate in practice with the number of people who have access to water and multiply that by the standard of 20 litres. In practice, it may well be that we make many more litres available than our meter reading indicates.

For at least 10 years

We are counting with 10 years of access, but we do everything we can to make it perhaps 100 years in practice. For example, for every project we arrange a maintenance committee with members from the local community and people often have to pay a small contribution so that they can save money for maintenance and repairs.

We choose to work in relatively stable regions where there are no conflicts that could threaten the water supply. We also include a risk margin in our calculations in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

Read more about how we work here…


on World Water Day 2021

Northwood Headquarters

No Brexit for us! We went to England this lockdown! This month, caterer Aramark launched the first public water tap at the large British army base Northwood where you can provide water for 1000 times as much clean drinking water.

Ambassador Bottle Up, known for the refillable bottles in the supermarket, put us in touch and MIW supplied the water machine. Customers can tap water for free and donate voluntarily via a QR code. This tastes like more!

MADE BLUE watermachine at Northwood via Aramark and MIW thanks to Bottle Up
Castalia is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE een liter voor een liter

1 miljoen voor drinkwater in Ethiopië

Last year, our other international collaboration also started: that with Castalie, a manufacturer and supplier of stylish water coolers in France. Castalie went along on impact trip to our project in Ethiopia and shortly thereafter decided to go for it and collect as much money as possible from its customers in France.

Together with Castalie and AMREF Flying Doctors, we will therefore invest no less than 1 million euros in a follow-up project in Ethiopia: WASH in and around schools over the next three years. More about this new project soon.


Vebego, one of the largest facility services providers, was at the cradle of MADE BLUE in 2014. Vebego is perhaps better known for its subsidiaries such as Westerveld, Blankers Schoon, Hago, IBN Facility, Stoffels Bleijenberg, Care and Yask.

Thanks to innovative cleaning techniques, these daughters save 20 liters of water per cleaning hour. Customers can choose to have it mirrored with the same amount of clean drinking water. So every hour is a day of clean drinking water. This already adds up to 100 million liters and we were able to announce that news last week by means of this check. And the ambition for the next 5 years? 1 billion! 

Read more…

Vebego cheque made blue
CWS is ambassadeur van Made Blue een liter voor een liter


Also very international: in addition to floor solutions, industrial clothing and cleanrooms, CWS also offers sanitary hygiene: From small toilet areas to large sanitary facilities, CWS provides its customers with complete solutions for hand and toilet hygiene.

Not only does CWS donate internationally on every placed Smixin Smartwash, but also through CWS we were given the opportunity to ask for donations from every visitor to the Loovio toilet units in the Markthal Rotterdam, with success!

Read more about it here …

Year report

Do you want to know exactly how many donations we received in 2020 and how we spent them? All this can be read from now on in our annual report.

Six by four

We have more BIG news. In fact, it measures 6 by 4 meters and has recently been placed in the middle of the Netherlands. Do you want to know what it is?