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Is there any more news to share on World Water Day? But of course!

Huis ter Duin, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gaia Green Awards and more: You can read all about it in this update for the month of March 2021.

World Water Day was the day for announcing BIG news: The largest water fountain in the Netherlands is now live at Hoog Catharijne Shopping Mall thanks to Klepierre!

Enjoying chilled and filtered water is free and contactless, and with the option to donate 50 cents or more, you ensure 1.000 times as much clean drinking water being made available to those in need. For making a donation, you can either use the integrated contactless payment module or scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Mike Winter MIW with a MADE BLUE water machine

Only slightly more modest in size, but just as impactful is our first water fountain on the other side of the North Sea.

This month, Aramark opened the first public Made Blue water fountain at the large British army base Northwood Headquarters where you can refill your water bottle for free and with the option to donate 1.000 times as much clean drinking water to people living in developing countries.

Big thanks to Made Blue ambassador Bottle Up for linking us to MIW, taking care of the conceptual design of the water fountain and its install, resulting in some great stories in the media.

Gaia Green Awards

Corona or not, the Gaia Green Awards will be distributed again this year. Are you running a restaurant or hotel operation and serving the best water for the world? Let us know as we would like to register you as a nominee! Contact us and we’ll help you out, maybe shining as an award winner in September, like Beachclub Birds did last year.

Retulp video still

World Water Day prompted many of our ambassadors to talk about their contribution to our mission. We would like to put a few in the limelight.

For example, Retulp, known for its stylish, reusable bottles, is now good for no less than 72 million liters of clean drinking water. That’s why we handed over a check in a Corona-proof way. Take a look here

Just before World Water Day, we were visited by the hospitality industry ambassador from the very beginning: Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin.

By serving the best water for the world in the restaurants and beach club, Huis ter Duin has already provided more than 77 million liters of clean drinking water in our projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

de Brauw Blackstone Westbroek MADE BLUE

MAAS has been an ambassador of MADE BLUE from the very beginning. Every consumption from a coffee machine has provided just as much clean drinking water since 2015. MAAS customers can now also opt for a MADE BLUE water cooler next to the coffee machine.

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek did this with several water coolers and thus already provided 17,015,670 liters of clean drinking water. But not only that: with the Coffee Recycle Service, they process coffee grounds into new products made from coffee and move economic value to Ethiopia with the BLENDSTAR Single Origin 100% Ethiopia coffee. What a beautiful combination!

One last cheque then: one that required an extra space on the cheque!

Delivered in person by Machiel and on camera. Curious about which ambassador is in the spotlight here? Read all about it …

Did you miss World Water Day? Then you also missed our new meter reading and many great developments. Check out what you missed here.

We often say it and we mean it: MADE BLUE is the best water for the world. Not only does our water result in less waste and transport here, it also indirectly saves a lot of CO2 in developing countries. You can read how that works here

De pomp - Utrecht - MADE BLUE water - tafelwater, bronwater, kraanwater

Do you also want to be in the news in a positive way with your contribution to our mission?

We got off to a very good start in 2021 and we look forward to a sunny spring. So keep following us on Facebook or LinkedIn to be the first to hear what we’re going to do.