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Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Winston Churchill

While Corona measures are being relaxed further, existing and new Made Blue ambassadors are looking ahead. Where possible, we support with new solutions to enjoy the best water for the world: on the road, on the beach or in your hotel room. Together with companies, we look at opportunities to, for example, link new hygiene solutions or sustainable coffee at work to the provision of clean drinking water and access to hygiene in developing countries. This happened in June:

Together with Bunzl, we developed a reusable water bottle, pre-filled, fully custom printed and at very attractive purchasing costs. Ideal for hotels to give to guests: sustainable & hospitable and with 1000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries. Westcord Hotel Jakarta received the first copies from us.

Hospitality entrepreneurs such as Havenpaviljoen De Dining on Vlieland used the Corona crisis to think about the drinks menu and opted for MADE BLUE because it is more sustainable and cheaper. And how beautiful the bottles have become at Nazka, Galerie POP, Eterij Bob en Co and at The Commons in Bologna!

In the meantime, the guests of Beachclub Birds enjoyed delicious chilled water and lemonade in our folding Pop-up Cups, a disposable packaging with a minimal waste volume and much less transport. Fully customizable and available for ambassadors from 9 ct.

Also in our One litre for one litre program we were able to welcome two new ambassadors: in England H-Wash supplies mobile hand washing stations and Van Zelst Automaten now mirrors every consumption that comes from one of their coffee machines with the same amount of clean drinking water in one of our projects.

We are grateful to all our ambassadors: in June we made “clean drinking water for everyone” a little bit more accessible again. We look forward to a beautiful summer: don’t forget to order a water cooler in time so that you and your colleagues can enjoy chilled and sparkling water at work on the hottest days!

Will you also become an ambassador for MADE BLUE?