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While many people doubt whether and where they go on vacation, still enough people seem to be working hard. Via MADE BLUE they also work on clean drinking water for everyone. Here you can read which new ambassadors we welcomed in July and what else happened.

Kontakt der Kontinenten consists of two buildings. They once served as a mission house and monastery. Today they form a conference hotel together. With the monastic and casual atmosphere of the past, but also with all the conveniences and facilities of today and with MADE BLUE water for all guests.

Kontakt der Kontinenten is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE water
Sparcio is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE een liter voor een liter

Also in our program One litre for One litre, we were able to welcome a new ambassadors: Sparcio produces and sells various water-saving products and donates 1000 liters of clean drinking water for each product sold online.

Meanwhile, despite the Corona crisis, our work in developing countries continues. For example, we have again taken a number of important steps in Vietnam. Read here what is involved before water can actually be tapped.

Een lokale ingenieur onderzoekt het terrein

Together with Bunzl, we developed a reusable water bottle, pre-filled, fully custom printed and at very attractive purchasing costs. We have now also received the design for the MADE BLUE version. Look here for all our solutions to-go.

We also welcomed three other ambassadors to the hospitality industry. Stan & Co now serves the best water in the world in its restaurant in Utrecht. Ysbrantsz is a new boutique hotel in Hoorn and immediately goes for a smart water solution with MADE BLUE. And in Domburg you now drink chilled and sparkling water at hotel and pancake house Vierwegen!

Klepiérre now drinks 1,000,000 liters of water in the office. They already ordered a MADE BLUE water cooler for the office and drink chilled and sparkling water this hot summer. Don’t forget to also order a water cooler in time so that you and your colleagues can enjoy chilled and sparkling water at work on the hottest days!

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