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Two project updates, a big milestone for Blycolin, several new ambassadors and MADE BLUE in the sport.
January 2021 was a great month for us. You can read all about it in this update.

Water Vending Machine van Said in Tanzania

A nice update from Tanzania where we recently completed an important phase. We were able to give no fewer than 15,190 people access to clean drinking water there. That is more than twice as much as expected. We are now making plans for a follow-up to this successful approach, including crossing the border into Uganda. Read more…

Also news from Vietnam: Unfortunately, Corona is causing some delay, but the tender for the water supply is almost completed so that the real construction can start at the beginning of 2021. The local government and community are closely involved and jointly responsible for the sustainability of the project. Read more

Blycolin has been an ambassador from the very beginning. The leading specialist in linen service for the hospitality industry, with more than 150 (partner) laundries, helps the customer with everything that has to do with linen. In collaboration with MADE BLUE, Blycolin mirrors the water it consumes directly in its own laundries. This year Blycolin reached the milestone of no less than 100 million liters of clean drinking water. That means clean drinking water for 1,400 people for at least ten years! Read more…

IZY Bottles doneert 1000 keer de inhoud van elke verkochte fles als schoon drinkwater aan MADE BLUE

IZY Bottles is committed to making a difference in the reduction of the use of poorly biodegradable products! From now on, this also means that every sustainable thermos bottle provides 1,000 times as much clean drinking water via MADE BLUE. Order them separately in the webshop or have them printed or engraved from 48 pieces. Take a look…

We are receiving more and more donations through our website. Often these are anonymous and we cannot thank the generous giver. That is why we would like to thank all private donors for their important contribution to our mission of clean drinking water for everyone. Thanks to you we can announce a very nice new meter reading next month!

Do you also want to donate clean drinking water to a person, a family or a household? Then go to our donation page.

The catering industry is closed but is certainly not standing still. More and more catering businesses are now taking the time to think about what can be done more sustainably, nicely and cheaper. Similarly, Strandtent 14 from Kijkduin and De Krachtcentrale from Huizen came to us. As soon as it is allowed, they will serve the serve the best water for the world. Welcome to MADE BLUE!


We are getting more and more sporty! ADO Den Haag will soon be serving the best water for the world, but you will soon also enjoy MADE BLUE at the Kennemer Golf Club and at Tennisclub BLTC In-Between in Blaricum. Where are you going to work out?

Finally, a nice innovation for our hospitality ambassadors. Winterhalter makes a special rinsing basket that makes our bottles even easier to clean. This way, you can rinse up to 8 bottles hygienically within 1 minute without damaging them. The basket is available for every front-loading dishwasher from the Winterhalter UC series. Please contact us for more information.

Do you also want to contribute to clean drinking water for all in a way that suits you?

We got off to a very good start in 2021 and we have great plans in the run-up to World Water Day in March. So keep following us on Facebook or LinkedIn to be the first to hear what we’re going to do.