How does MADE BLUE invest in clean water?

How does MADE BLUE invest in clean water?

Charities are often critically reviewed. Are they operating in a transparent, effective and efficient way? Are donations being properly spent? These are questions that are also very relevant to MADE BLUE. We want to work as transparently as possible, so we would like to see in this blog how donations to MADE BLUE are being spent.


We are always very clear to our ambassadors when it comes to how many litres of clean drinking water is being delivered thanks to their donations to MADE BLUE: every donation of 30 cents guarantees 1,000 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries.

20 cents for water projects

For every 30 cents received, 20 cents will be held separately to invest in clean drinking water in developing countries. For example, drilling wells (at great depth), constructing pipelines and installing water tanks and taps. In all cases, this is hardware with which we produce measurable amounts of clean drinking water at those places on Earth where it is most needed.

Only local knowledge, manpower and materials are used. The value creation is maintained locally and all materials and knowledge are available on site, even in the case of future expansion or repairs. MADE BLUE therefore works together with local partners who have been active in the communities for decades: Amref Health Africa in Kenya and Ethiopia, World Vision in Senegal and Simavi in Bangladesh.


Of the 20 cents, 2 cents is being reserved for the monitoring of the water projects before, during and after the execution. For this we work together with Aqua for All, the expert in the field of water projects that also monitors a large portfolio of water projects on behalf of The Netherlands Government. Every project we select will be carefully reviewed and calculated beforehand. We know for sure that our promise will be fulfilled and that the water taps are maintained for at least 10 years.

Our local partners have the knowledge, scale and local partners to implement water projects as efficiently as possible.


MADE BLUE wants to make the world a little better place, unfortunately that does not go by itself. The investments we have to make are covered by the remaining 10 cents of the donation and are spent as follows:

  • 4 cents per donation for growing MADE BLUE and teaming up with new ambassadors
  • 2 cents per donation for distributing our mission and message: clean drinking water for everyone is far from self-evident, but with small actions we make a huge difference together
  • 2 cents per donation for developing new concepts and products such as our new solution for unlimited still and sparkling water at work places
  • 2 cents per donation for other expenses, such as administration and overhead

MADE BLUE is a charitable foundation: of course, non-profit. But also independent of subsidies or donations from public authorities. That makes MADE BLUE completely independent: together with more than 300 business donors we jointly determine our course and invest where our impact is greatest. The ‘business model’ we use as a charity guarantees our independence and allows us to use the long term for a simple objective: clean drinking water for all.


Ambassadors always donate 30 cents for every 1,000 litre they realize. Do you support MADE BLUE and use a MADE BLUE tap water system on loan? In this case, the donation will be increased with costs incurred by MADE BLUE for depreciation and maintenance. Of course, this is all explained in detail on your periodic donation overview.

Do you want the best water for the world as well?