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Step by step on our way back to normal… would that be something we may hope for as summer is about to arrive? At MADE BLUE, we continue working towards access to clean water and hygiene for all, today maybe even more important than ever before. Imagine not being able to fetch clean water and wash your hands… and then a virus comes knocking on your door…

A few days after our initial opening, the Dutch government had all restaurants close down. That came in pretty hard. However, we wanted to continue our support to MADE BLUE as access to water now is more necessary than ever before.


In our previous blog you could read about the effects of corona in Africa. Of course we’re also witnessing the effects of the virus on our society nearby. One of the businesses hit hard by COVID-19 and measures in place include MADE BLUE donors in hospitality: restaurants, bars and hotels that provide 1,000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries, for every bottle of MADE BLUE WATER served.

Coby Zandvliet of Eterij Bob & Co explains how terrible it was just having celebrated their initial opening… almost immediately followed by mandatory closure. “At the same time, it is absolutely clear we are in this together and – now more than ever – have to make sure everyone on earth has access to clean drinking water and hygiene.”

The first steps towards reopening restaurants are announced, but hard times are far from over. Of course, we’re not asking our donors in hospitality for even more support to our cause; we are rather thinking ahead and be of even better help in serving the best water for the world to your guests, your business and the planet.


We’re thinking ahead and are looking for ways to add even more value when bars and restaurants reopen. For example, by enabling restaurants to ask for a fair price for being served a carafe of tap water. Filtered, chilled, still or sparkling, or just straight from the tap… promising to provide 1,000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries time and again.

Guests are happy to pay a fair and better price for beautiful water with an even more beautiful story: one to two Euros for a ‘carafe with a message’ and €3,00 to €7,00 for a bottle filtered, chilled, still or sparkling table water, straight from the water main. You can read more on how that works here.

For businesses that are in need of equipment such as a water cooler and glassware, we try our best providing these, to buy or on loan, at cost price and postponing payments to a later time: enabling entrepreneurs to join MADE BLUE today without a need for investment. Do reach out to our team if you want to check on how we can support your business as well… and help you help us, together!


In our ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE programme, some wonderful innovations saw the light of day as many ambassadors stepped up in help fighting the virus. Smixin and CWS introduced the SmartWash: an automatic faucet that rinses, soaps, rinses and dries, while providing clean drinking water in developing countries with MADE BLUE. MERKKWater introduces a no-touch hygiene solution for use at the office.

Even in the area of protective materials some beautiful developments came along, check the rather stylish i-Did solution. Quooker demonstrates how a boiling water tap helps sterilize protective equipment and donors such as  i-Team,  Arion and many others support the fight against the virus with innovative solutions.


At MADE BLUE, we’re used to working remotely as we decided to lower costs as much as possible to maximize impact elsewhere on the planet. That included not renting office space, but making use of facilities provided by our partners and working remote. So instead of adjusting our way of working, we were able to invest time in a website makeover: we for example found time to better share the stories we realize with many companies that support us: in words, but also in pictures. 

Here some of our ambassadors share their experiences having joined the previous MADE BLUE Impact Journey, just before everything closed down. Here we give the stage to a number of companies in our ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE program and here is where you find out all we have to offer to hospitality.


As we continue working towards access to clean water and hygiene for all – in the long run – the virus is hopefully a terrible situation that we can put behind us in the short run. In the meantime continuing working towards our goals as we expect society to understand the importance of access to clean water and hygiene even better today. Ready to help!

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