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for restaurants

Beautiful bottles or carafes? Choose our signature print or design your own style?

Endless possibilities! Get some inspiration right here and get in touch with our team to discuss all of your wishes.

Surprise your guests with beautiful glassware

our signature glassware

In love with our signature design?
Enjoy lower costs at any quantity and any shape or size.

Bottle 0,70 litre

Bottle 0,35 litre

Carafe 1,00 litre

Carafe 0,50 litre

dishwasher racks

Dishwasher racks are available to fit all of our bottles and carafes nicely: 50×50 or 60×40 cm. Our racks ensure hygienic cleaning and prevent scratches and cracks.

custom-designed glassware

Single-sided, double-sided or all-around… with or without Made Blue signature print and logo?
Endless possibilities. Have a look at what others designed:

Make it with water

Put your water cooler to work! For making (Walden) lemonades, (non-alcoholic) cocktails or to-go…


Enrich your menu with (non-alcoholic) cocktails and (Walden) lemonades using filtered, chilled, still & sparkling water: really nice drinks, super sustainable, very tasty and at a fair price!

Exampe menus...


Even more attention to our story and opportunity for guests to make an extra contribution to our mission. Included for free in our communication package.

What else is included...
Pop-up cups van MADE BLUE: de meest duurzame wegwerpverpakking voor water to go.


The most sustainable packaging for water to-go… by far! And it comes with many options for custom prints: the Pop-Up Cup Made Blue. Contact us to find out all about it.

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Try our biologic Walden sirups to make (sparkling) lemonades or (non-alcoholic) cocktails… or have your guests go crazy on their own creations!

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