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Communication package

and examples

As a MADE BLUE ambassador you will receive our communication materials for free, as you most probably love to spread the word about our partnership.

Guest respond with lots of enthusiasm when they see the amount of impact made on the world together, while enjoying the most sustainable, filtered, chilled still & sparkling water on the planet!


Communication package

In our free communication package you will find all you need to share the beautiful story of our partnership, and how we work together for serving the best water for your guests, your restaurant and the planet:

Bottle tags


A6 booklets and holder

Ambassador stickers

An employee briefing

Help in case of anything

Would you be needing anything else? We are happy to help with custom-made text, images and print designs.



example menus

How to list MADE BLUE WATER on the menu?

Subtle… or all the way?

A few examples to the right.

Stand out

Make your contribution even more visible with our tap lenses and tap clamps or go for a photo opportunity with a large cheque.

recommended pricing

We advise to ask a fair price for serving the best water for your guests, your restaurant and the world. Many restaurants set the price equal to the bottled water that used to be served previously, or a bit lower: that is not very hard as your purchase costs are on average 50% lower.

Experience shows that a nice price leads to more sales, both for water and other menu items. Occasionally offering a bottle free of charge is also not a problem: we would never ask you to donate over water given away for free.

With MADE BLUE WATER you have an even better alternative to all your bottled waters and a perfect basis for preparing (Walden) lemonades and (non-alcoholic) cocktails.

Are guests willing to pay?

Is a frequently asked question, which we can answer clearly: guests donate up to 50 euros extra  on a bottle of MADE BLUE WATER! 

That makes us extremely proud… and grateful.

To even better understand this question, we had GfK survey 47,000 respondents. As it turns out: guests are happy to pay up to 75% more for water with a good story!

Read the results here…


Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to join?

And what do I get in return?

What equipment do you have available?

And what’s to consider?

What glassware can I use?

And how can I personalise it?

How can I communicate about MADE BLUE?

And how is it presented on the menu?


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