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With MADE BLUE WATER you can create your own water: filtered, chilled, still & sparkling and straight from the mains. Choose a water cooler on loan or buy one without any mark-up and put our signature glassware on the table, custom-designed if you like.

That’s better, easier and beautiful. Preventing waste and carbon emissions nearby and far away, MADE BLUE WATER is the most sustainable choice in hospitality… by far. Moreover, you always serve 1,000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries.

Guests respond very enthusiastically and are even willing to pay a better price for the best water for your guests, your business and the world.

We are able to serve faster, easier and way more sustainable. And we contribute to a better world. It even seems to add a bit to our turnover and profitability.

best for the world, your guests & your business

Serve filtered, chilled and sparkling in our signature


Or opt for a custom design...
Built-in, counter top or freestanding? Choose your

Water Cooler

Here's where to choose from...
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MADE BLUE deelt een cheque uit bij Frank's Smoke House in Amsterdam
Each and every bottle served ensures 1.000 times as much

Clean water

How we work
Each ambassador is equiped with our

Communication package

Take a look inside...
Serve chilled, still & sparkling water... next to home-made cocktails & lemonades and

Make it with water


How does it work?



Select (optional) a water cooler that fits best to your needs, either on loan or purchased at cost price, and start turning tap water into perfect-tasting filtered, chilled, still & sparkling water!

What are my options?


List MADE BLUE WATER on the menu for a fair price. Serve your guests quality water with great taste in our signature bottles or carafes.

What does glassware look like?


Donate for the water served to your guests and realize 1.000 times as much clean water in developing countries… for each and every bottle served! We’re happy to help communicate our joint impact.



A built-in water cooler is connected to a tap tower for serving filtered, chilled, still & sparkling water. That may as well be an existing tap tower.

More on water coolers...


A countertop water cooler is your perfect companion on the bar or in the kitchen. Just connect to a power outlet and water main.

More on water coolers...


No space left up or under your counter? Choose for a freestanding water cooler instead. With water mains nearby, a power outlet is all it takes.

More on water coolers...


We suggest fitting the water cooler with a professional filter: guarantees a perfect taste and prevents from lime ending up in your glassware or equipment.

More on water coolers...

Why join?

and start serving the best water for your guests, your business and the planet?

Fair price

Guests are more than happy paying a fair price for water served with a stunning message. Procurement costs go down, an excellent margin remains and you’re a super hero to the world.

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No investment

Ambassadors to MADE BLUE don’t need to invest in equipment, maintenance or glassware… and do not sign up for a fixed period of time.

What does it cost?


MADE BLUE WATER means less effort and less space needed. According to our ambassadors it saves about 60% in time!

Tell me more...


Factory-bottled water, road transport, single-use bottles: all very unnecessary. Premium water now comes straight from your tap: that is super sustainable!

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  • Eetvilla van den Brink

    “Our family business is passed on from generation to generation. Now that we have children ourselves, we think a bit more about what we can do to work more sustainably and MADE BLUE fits in perfectly.”

  • QO Amsterdam

    “We are extremely rich in the Netherlands with our drinking water. To contribute to this and to make our guests aware of this, we gladly work with MADE BLUE on our hotel rooms.”

  • Beachclub BIRDS

    “We want to tackle social responsibility in a way that not only the good cause profits, but our guests profit as well. It is great to see how our guests react to the way they contribute to a better world”.

  • Héroine Rotterdam – Restaurant & Bar

    “It took almost no effort for us as entrepreneurs to start with MADE BLUE. There is a tap installed, decanters and bottles delivered and then we could start.”

  • Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    “We receive a lot of positive feedback from the guests but also from the team. We are proud of what we have already achieved together.”

  • ‘t Zusje

    “You see that guests are triggered by the message that is on the bottle ‘This is 700 litres of water’. Guests are always delighted that by ordering MADE BLUE water they can easily contribute to a better world.”


    “We chose MADE BLUE because we want to be environmentally conscious and eliminate non-food waste. We now have much less waste and also less logistics.”

  • ‘t Misverstant

    “I would recommend it to everyone: you don’t have to invest, you’re not stuck to a contract, you pay a fair price and you have a nice branding with your own bottles.”

Make it with water

Put your water cooler to even better use: for making (non alcoholic) cocktails and (bio) lemonades... adding an extra vibe to your servings or hand-out for to-go using our ultra-sustaiable pop-up cups...


Enrich your menu with cocktails and lemonades… using your MADE BLUE water cooler to take care of the perfect start for great tasting drinks!

Show me how...

bottle tags

Put even more attention to the impact we create together with MADE BLUE bottle tags, enabling guests to make an extra donation for clean water. Included in our comms package.

What else is in there?
Pop-up cups van MADE BLUE: de meest duurzame wegwerpverpakking voor water to go.


The most sustainable packaging for water t-go… by far! Comes with endless possibilities for custom-design prints and in two sizes.

I need this..
Elke fles biologische siroop van Walden zorgt voor 1200 liter schoon drinkwater.


Try our biologic Walden sirups to make (sparkling) lemonades or (non-alcoholic) cocktails… or have your guests go crazy on their own creations!

Looking good...
  • perfect taste, used by Michelin-starred chefs
  • 60% fewer handling, no mise-en-place
  • great guest feedback and ultra sustainable
  • 1.000 x as much clean water, time and again
  • equipment and glassware without mark-up
  • service, maintenance & parts included
  • fair price, lower procurement costs
  • perfect start for home-made cocktails & lemonade
  • answers demand for tap water as well
  • serving 10... up to 100+ tables at a time

What if... I don't need a(nother) water cooler?

You’re already fully equipped or not interested in working with a water cooler at all? Not a problem!

You can still join us and start serving MADE BLUE WATER… with even fewer things to consider. As you’re not requiring any machinery on loan, you only donate for the water served to guests, and maybe a bit more in case you wish to use our signature bottles or carafes on loan.

If you want us to care for your existing water cooler that might very well be possible as well, we’re happy to look into it.

Prefer to procure equipment yourself or work with any of the other hardware suppliers out there? We’re happy to show you the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to communicate about MADE BLUE?

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