With MADE BLUE you serve chilled, still and sparkling purified tap water: the perfect taste, less handling and way more sustainable.
What’s more, with every bottle served, a thousand times as much clean water is made available in developing countries!



Choose (optional) for the equipment that fits your operation and capacity to serve purified chilled, still and sparkling tap water.


Choose your own glassware and communication materials and list MADE BLUE on the menu for a fair price.


Serve the best water for your guests, your business and the world!


A fixed donation for every bottle served ensures a thousand times as much clean water in developing countries and covers real costs for all equipment and glassware in use.


Why is MADE BLUE the best water for your guests, your business and the world?

Fair profit

Guests are happy to pay a fair price for good tasting water with an impressive story. Lower purchasing costs, less handling and a fair profit guarantee better business.

No investment

Ambassadors of MADE BLUE do not need to invest in equipment, maintenance or glassware and do not sign up for a minimum volume or duration.

Easy and green

Water bottling factories, road transport and glass waste: it is not necessary. The best water is bottled inhouse, right in your restaurant. That’s better, easier and most sustainable!

  • ‘t Misverstant

    “I would recommend it to everyone: you don’t have to invest, you’re not stuck to a contract, you pay a fair price and you have a nice branding with your own bottles.”

  • ‘t Zusje

    “You see that guests are triggered by the message that is on the bottle “This is 700 litres of water”. Guests are always delighted that by ordering MADE BLUE water they can easily contribute to a better world. “

  • Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    “We receive a lot of positive feedback from the guests but also from the team. We are proud of what we have already achieved together. “


    “We chose MADE BLUE because we want to be environmentally conscious and eliminate non-food waste.” We now have much less waste and also less logistics. “

  • Beachclub BIRDS

    “We want tackle social responsibility in a way that not only the good cause profits, but our guests profit as well. It is great to see how our guests react to the way they contribute to a better world”.

  • Héroine Rotterdam – Restaurant & Bar

    “It took almost no effort for us as entrepreneurs to start with MADE BLUE.” There is a tap installed, decanters and bottles delivered and then we could start. “

  • QO Amsterdam

    “We are extremely rich in the Netherlands with our drinking water. To contribute to this and to make our guests aware of this, we gladly work with MADE BLUE on our hotel rooms. “

We have equipment that fits your setting and provide beautiful glassware that corresponds with your style.
litres of clean water
people access to water for 10 yrs

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These account managers are at your service
  • Marida Jacobs

    Account manager

    Customer service

  • Robin Pot


    Responsible for finance, administration, and HR

  • Nick de Mink

    Account Manager

    Working with both existing and new ambassadors

  • Machiel van Dooren


    Responsible for the expansion of MADE BLUE

  • Anne Harteman


    Responsible for social media and content creator

  • Frank van der Tang


    responisble for operations, projects and communications

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