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How we work

and how we create access to clean water for all

MADE BLUE makes water from water. Supported by over 350 companies, we are grateful for being able to make a difference and add value. That is why we are an entrepreneurial charity, a social enterprise. We want to generate funding for access to clean water and create value for the businesses that support our mission at the same time. We work as transparently as possible so that every donor knows for sure how we’re working towards a better world together, one step at a time.

We work hard keeping costs down to the max, operating with only a small team and meeting virtually, all across the globe.


By offering solutions and stories to the companies supporting our mission, we’re working towards sustainable partnerships with currently over 350 businesses in Europe and beyond. As we work hard towards maximum value creation, both nearby and far away, we’re proud enjoying so many long-lasting partnerships.

That is also why we have set up a social enterprise next to our foundation: all risk-bearing activities of MADE BLUE are strictly separated from the works of the Foundation. For example, specific solutions in the MADE BLUE WATER programme don’t interfere with the effectiveness of our operations in developing countries.

At all times, MADE BLUE Foundation is in charge of all funds received, transferring only those funds to the social enterprise that are directly related to risk-bearing activities other than providing access to clean water in developing countries.

knock-on effect

Our projects in developing countries carry one or more entrepreneurial components. For example local-installed water committees in charge of maintaining the water supply, and generating income and savings thanks to micro-payments received by community members making use of the facilities. These payments guarantee future service and maintenance.

It is not uncommon for watercommunities to realize additional taps and expand facilities putting the savings from operating the facilities to good use. The water facilities also attract other local entrepreneurs, creating a knock-on effect that has so much more impact.

Many of the water projects we have initiated years ago are not only still operational, but in many cases have managed to expand, broaden impact and include more user groups than originally anticipated for!


There is always room for improvement, which is why we also invest in research into better ways to create access to clean water on a large scale. We are currently conducting a pilot project with a water vending machine in Tanzania, putting in place an entrepreneurial way of ‘vending water’, with a business model tailored to the local community.

Adding a research component, we are better able to define effectiveness-  in terms of health and productivity – of our projects, chosen setup and business models. Ultimately of course, we work towards one goal: access to clean water for all.

Sustainable there

Unfortunately, many well-intentioned initiatives did not live up to expectations. In sub-Sahara Africa it is estimated that about 50% of water pumps once installed by charities are no longer functioning. Obviously, that’s not how it should be at all.

Therefore every project we engage in is thoroughly screened and fitted with a business model and ownership structure guaranteeing operation and maintenance for at least 10 years to come. This often means that users pay a small contribution for the water fetched at the facility, funds that are being used as savings for future repairs or even expansion. Water committee members are being trained to perform maintenance and we support our implementing partners in continuously improve. We choose to engage in projects in countries with a relatively stable government, minimizing failure due to conflict for example.  

Unfortunately, one can never rule out risk completely, which is why we calculate a ‘risk premium’ for each and every project. That ensures our donors to obtain at least the impact once envisioned… and often a lot more than that.

Sustainable here

In line with our mission, we practice what we preach when it comes to sustainability. Did you already spot our MADE BLUE full electric car? On its way to one of our many ambassadors… or on its way to you?

And when enjoying MADE BLUE WATER, be assured that only the most sustainable equipment, packaging and cordials are being used!

Machiel van Dooren bezoekt ons een water kiosk in Ethiopië.

Example of a water kiosk, latrines & showers in Kechene, Addis Ababa

Machiel van Dooren bezoekt ons waterproject in Ethiopië.

Meet some of our many local water committee members. 


how to keep track of joint impact realized?

Do good and tell it… do good and count it: our ambassadors receive annual certificates specifying joint impact made. Those certificates state exactly what has been donated and how many litres have been realized. Sub certificates are available for your clients and stakeholders.

MADE BLUE is audited independently, both financially as in terms of water supply delivered. By making sure to ‘underpromise and overdeliver’, our donors can be sure about the impact generated: above and beyond at all times. 

We’re grateful to PwC having assisted in setting up the reporting structure at MADE BLUE. The actual distribution of available funding is also made transparent.

sustainability check

We only select water projects that:

  1. realize a measurable amount of water,
  2. are ecologically and economically viable,
  3. are cost efficient & sustainable, 
  4. take education and training into account,
  5. work with local communities,
  6. take place in regions where we truly make a difference,

This way we know that we are making a real impact and that our water supplies will continue to work in the future.

Each project is checked before and during the execution. We get help from Aqua for All, the agency that has also been monitoring the water projects of the Dutch government for years.

Reliable partners

To make sure to actually deliver the litres of clean water we are reporting on, we drill for water (at great depth), install pipelines, water tanks and taps. We invest in hardware with which we deliver measurable amounts of clean water in those places on earth where it is most needed.

We work with local partners who have been active in the communities for decades, such as: Amref Flying Doctors in Ethiopia, World Vision in Vietnam and Simavi in Tanzania. We only use local knowledge, manpower and materials.

This means that all value creation remains local, materials and knowledge always available on site: also in the event of future expansion or repairs.


and impactful

We aim at maximizing impact and at the same time minimizing costs. We achieve that for example by entering into long-term partnerships with companies that support our work: reducing our spent on fundraising efforts.

What’s more, our 350+ supporting companies help us grow bigger: by sharing about our joint impact and actively spreading the word on our joint efforts towards access to clean water for all.

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