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How donations are spent

We make a clear promise to our ambassadors: every 30 cents donated to MADE BLUE provides at least 1,000 liters of clean drinking water in developing countries, often more and always certified.

We want to be as transparent as possible about how we spend that 30 cents and you can read that below.

30 CENTS = 1,000 LITRES



20 out of every 30 Eurocents received are immediately set aside to invest in access to clean water in developing countries.

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The remaining 10 Eurocents are being invested in creating awareness, innovation and adding even more impact to our work.

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From a donation of 25 million litres per donor per year, additional funds received are fully spent on providing more clean water.

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In case you have a water cooler on loan from us we ask for an additional monthly contribution to cover those costs separately.

How does that work?

water projects

To guarantee the amount of clean water delivered, 20 Eurocents per 1.000 liters are spent on local hardware and manpower. We for example drill for water (at great depth), construct pipelines and install water tanks and taps in communities. In all cases, hardware with which we deliver measurable amounts of water in those places on earth where it is most needed.

We work with local partners who have been active in the communities for decades, such as: Amref Flying Doctors in Ethiopia, World Vision in Vietnam and Simavi in Tanzania.

We only use local knowledge, manpower and materials. This means that value creation remains local and all materials and knowledge are available on site, also in the event of future expansion or repairs.


On average, 2 Eurocents thereof is spent on monitoring the water projects before, during and after implementation. For this we work together with Aqua for All, the expert in the field of water projects, who also monitors a large portfolio of water projects on behalf of the Dutch government. Every project we select is thoroughly reviewed and assessed in advance, both on projected impact and financials. You can be sure that we’ll deliver on our promise and that the water supplies will last for at least 10 years.

You can be sure that we’ll deliver on our promise and that the water supplies will last for at least 10 years.


We want to help create access to clean water for all, unfortunately that does not happen by itself. Part of the donation is therefor allocated as follows:

  • 3 cents for creating awareness on the need for access to water
  • 2 cents for initiating new water projects and innovation
  • 3 cents for growing MADE BLUE and connecting new ambassadors
  • 2 cents for core costs, such as finance and administration

We are a registered charity and operate independent from subsidies or gifts from government agencies. Together with more than 350 business donors, we set out our course together and decide upon how and where to generate most impact. The ‘business model’ that we use as a charity guarantees our independence and makes it possible to commit ourselves to our mission today, and for years to come.


There’s a cost to charitable giving, but of course that cost should not increase when giving more. By setting a maximum contribution to our core costs (see item on the left) we are working as efficient as possible while able to deliver on our promise… and even a bit more.

This means that starting from a 25 million litres per year donation, every extra euro received is spent directly on delivering even more clean drinking water: one cubic meter per 20 Eurocents received.

At the same time, we strive to max our effectiveness: maximum impact with minimal additional costs. Our approach assures donors highly effective use of resources towards our common goal: access to clean drinking water and hygiene for all.

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How it works for you


When you donate online through this website, you will provide 1,000 liters of clean water in developing countries for every 30 Eurocents donated. This already includes the one-off 29 cent transaction costs: that’s on us.

When you order MADE BLUE WATER in a restaurant, you provide 1,000 times as much water that is on the table: thank you so much. This makes MADE BLUE WATER the most sustainable and impactful water in hospitality by far. Look here where to order.

Have you come across one of our ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE ambassadors, such as Quooker, CWS or Mövenpick? They also donate 30 cents per 1,000 liters of water saved. Here you will find the impact story behind many of our ambassadors.


Restaurants donate 30 cents for every litre served, ensuring 1,000 times as much clean water made available elsewhere, time & again. In case of equipment on loan, depreciation and maintenance costs are added separately. An ambassador contribution for communications and technical support is also added. Read more about this.

Both restaurant owners and guests may choose to donate even more by using Made Blue bottle tag QR-codes, trough our website or by organizing fundraising events


ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE helps companies turn water saved over here into water made available over there!

Participating companies donate 30 Eurocents per 1,000 litres of water saved (or used), making very clear what impact is made per product sale or service delivered. Every ambassador donates at least 1,000,000 litres per year and pays an ambassador contribution for communication support separately. Check out  some stories.


Next to the MADE BLUE Foundation is the MADE BLUE B.V. who carries out the risk-bearing activities for the foundation. Any profits in that B.V. are reinvested in the foundation and this creates leverage. Our ambassador Small English has shown this in the animation on the right.


We want to be as transparent as possible

happy to answer all your questions

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How is my donation spent?

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