Water projects

Our water projects

The map below depicts the countries Made Blue is currently operating in.
We choose to work in countries facing permanent water stress and a relatively stable political environment.

Clean drinking water for minority groups in Vietnam

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Since October 2019 we support the water project “Clean drinking water for minority groups in Vietnam” carried out by World Vision. The aim of the project is to provide 3,572 people with clean drinking water.

Golden neighbourhoods on Java

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In 2019, thanks to Ambassador HMSHost, we also invest  in a project on Java, Indonesia, west of Bandung. The project is part of “Gerakan Desa Emas”: The movement to create golden neighbourhoods that now live below the poverty line. Made Blue finances the Jatimekar district.

Water facilities in Kedougou Senegal

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Water project in Kedougou Senegal, carried out by World Vision.

Said’s Water Vending Machine

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Said developed the Water Vending Machine: A super smart system that can provide safe drinking water using solar energy.

Making water everybody’s business

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Amref Health Africa five-year health programme ' Clean Water: access for all '.
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