How are the litres realized?

reliable partners

To be able to guarantee delivering measurable quantities of clean water, we for example drill for water at great depths, construct (underground) pipelines and install watertanks and taps at village centers, near schools and hospitals. It is always about hardware construction that enables Made Blue to measure the amount of clean water delivered to people that need it most.

MADE BLUE works with implementing partners that are working with local communities for over decades: Amref Health Africa in Kenya and Ethiopia, World Vision in Senegal and Vietnam, Simavi in Bangladesh and Tanzania. We strictly contract local knowledge, capacity and materials. That keeps value creation within the local economies and remain both knowledge and materials locally available in case of repairs or expansion. 

Sustainable solutions

In the past many initiatives aiming at giving access to clean water did not last very long. Most of the shallow wells constructed in rural Africa are out of service today. That is both tragic and a waste of resources. And that is why MADE BLUE has a strong focus on local ownership and maintenance structures, enabling a 10+ years lifespan at least. This often means local water committees are being set up, managing and maintaining the boreholes, taps and pipelines. Micropayments are being collected from the community in exchange for permission to use the water taps and ensure local savings for future repairs and expansion. Community members are being trained in repair and maintenance works, supported by MADE BLUE implementing partners where needed.

We choose to operate in counties with a relatively steady government in place, reducing risks related to social unrest or even worse. As we cannot rule out risk at all, a significant discount is applied to every project for what the amount of water delivered concerns. By doing so we can guarantee an amount of clean water delivered to our donors… and overdeliver on that promise in reality.

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Strict quality assurement

Our implementing partners select water projects that in any event:

  1. deliver a measurable amount of clean drinking water,
  2. are sustainable, both in an ecological as well as financial way,
  3. are most cost effective,
  4. are situated in areas facing permanent water stress,

and add to our mission of creating maximum impact that lasts for a long time.

Each project is thoroughly assessed and analyzed. With the help of Aqua for All, related to the Netherlands Government, past and (predicted) future project performance is compared to similar water projects and corresponding causes for success and failure.

PwC has advised MADE BLUE on how to set-up financial reporting. MADE BLUE is audited by an independent accountant registered in The Netherlands.

research to maximize impact

Because there is always room for improvement, we also invest in researching ways to grant large groups of people access to clean water for a prolonged period of time. We currently conduct a pilot in Tanzania: a water kiosk ran by a local entrepreneur instead of a charity.

spreading success

Of course it would be super if our efforts lead to even bigger impact, and fortunately we do see that happen every now and then. The water committee of a small community in the north of Ethiopia experienced the benefits of a solid micro-economic model supporting the local water infrastructure. Savings not only covered maintenance costs but even facilitated the expansion of the infrastructure, constructing another water kiosk in a village nearby and without further financial support from MADE BLUE or other donors. Real impact, real change, growing bigger by itself!

How can I be sure the litres are actually being realized?

We value transparency most and therefore issue certificates to every ambassador. MADE BLUE certificates connect an ambassadors donation to the amount of litres to be realized on behalf of the ambassador. External audits on MADE BLUE Foundation actually realizing the total amount of all litres certified or more are conducted at least annually. This is also reported in the MADE BLUE Foundation annual report. As mentioned before, the (expected) output of water projects is discounted (significantly) for all risks involved, ensuring MADE BLUE underpromises and overdelivers at any given point in time.

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