ANBI, board and annual report

MADE BLUE is a registered charity

All donations to MADE BLUE are collected by MADE BLUE FOUNDATION. This foundation is registered as a charity in The Netherlands under RSIN number: 8545.63.933 and has been granted the ANBI-status by the Netherlands Government.

Foundation Board

The board of the MADE BLUE Foundation oversees correct and timely spending of all funds available and allocation of funds to selected water projects. The board does not receive a financial remuneration, under given circumstances expenses can be paid for.

The board of MADE BLUE Foundation currently holds:

Machiel van Dooren (MADE BLUE representative)

Annette van Waning, ex-CSR manager of the year in The Netherlands, founder of Cairos

Carolien Gadella – Van Wersch, former consultant at EY, founder of  Double Purpose


MADE BLUE Foundation serves three goals:

  1. Realizing access to clean water in developing countries;
  2. Raise awareness on the water footprint of products and services amongst businesses and consumers;
  3. All activities related to realizing those goals.

In order to achieve this we deploy activities as are being mentioned on this website as to enable businesses, organizations and consumers to invest in clean water projects in a transparent and effective way.

annual report

Since the start of MADE BLUE Foundation (end of 2014) up and until the half of 2019 a total amount of 1.000.000 euro was pledged by all of our ambassadors. These funds are being allocated to the water projects MADE BLUE is investing in and prioritized according to effectiveness and impact.

By the beginning of 2019 MADE BLUE Foundation has realized at least litres of clean water in places on earth where it is most needed.

You can read more in our annual report. (2018, in Dutch) That also lists actual facts and figures concerning the investments made. Those figures may differ from what is mentioned on our website because the website is updated continuously.

Updates of the annual reports are expected every summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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