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Great communication examples, new ambassadors, an award, 100,000 people and The Club of 100 million. You can read all about our experiences from February 2021 in this update.

MADE BLUE Stadscafé Amersfoort

Our ambassadors are happy to tell you about us. Every now and then we come across a very nice example: Stadscafe Amersfoort made this landing page to explain why they chose Made Blue on the menu .

MADE BLUE - Dag 2 - Impactreis Ethiopië - Foto: Anne Harteman

IBN Facility chose to make a nice post at LinkedIn . They have been mirroring their own water consumption for years and have already realized 48,000,000 liters of clean drinking water!

Despite the closure, we welcomed a few summer ambassadors in the hospitality industry who are already preparing for a top season. For example, Beachclub Titus in Kijkduin is going to donate the best water for the world this summer.

And also The Haven Club in Loosdrecht chooses Made Blue Water and thus for sustainability and impact. Welcome to MADE BLUE!

The AACSB is e a global nonprofit, connecting educators, students and businesses to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders. AACSB has been synonymous with the highest standards of excellence since 1916 and in the Netherlands only a handful of universities and colleges are accredited.

Our own Machiel van Dooren was recently awarded as an alumnus of Maastricht University by the AACSB as influental leader 2021 for its efforts in sustainability and access to clean drinking water. We are very pleased with such a formal acknowledgment!

De Club van 100 miljoen bestaat uit ambassadeurs van Made Blue die in totaal al meer dan 100 miljoen liter schoon drinkwater doneerden.

More than 350 ambassadors already contribute to our mission: clean drinking water for everyone. We are of course happy with every contribution, but a few ambassadors from the very beginning can now call themselves members of the club of 100 million. So they each donated more than 100 million liters of clean drinking water in developing countries! Who they are, you can read it here …


We are fully engaged in the preparations for our 2021 meter reading, which we always announce on World Water Day (22 March). It turns out that we have already been able to give more than 100,000 people access to clean drinking water and we are of course very proud of that. But how much is that actually? And how can we be so sure? Read it here …

We conclude with a very positive note: we can tap water from the air without expensive installations. A team from the National University of Singapore developed a kind of gel that can absorb water from the air and release it again as clean drinking water. An application in developing countries may take a while, but are hopeful, just like The Optimist.

Waterschaarste in de toekomst - Blog - MADE BLUE

Do you also want to contribute to clean drinking water for everyone in a way that suits you?

We got off to a very good start in 2021 and we have great plans ahead of World Water Day in March. So keep following us on Facebook or LinkedIn to be the first to hear what we’re going to do.