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Making water everybody’s business – A personal story

Sinds 2016 we have invested in the water project “Making water everybody’s business” carried out by Amref Flying Doctors. One of the beneficiaries is Genet Lakaw from Ethiopia.

The story of Genet

Genet has been working as a treasurer at one of the water kiosks in Metehara since the end of 2018. Her responsibilities range from administrative work to purchasing and selling products. She also notes every time someone uses the facilities so that the administration remains in order. Genet reports to the manager Tirngo, who then ensures that an amount is saved every month. If something breaks down, the women’s group can use that money for repairs. In addition, they use part of the profit to save for their own shop for toiletries at the kiosk itself.

Genet’s goal for the future is to grow in her role as cashier. In addition, she has the ambition to teach children about the importance of clean water and good hygiene.

The water kiosk

The water kiosk where Genet works is built by Amref Flying Doctors, the local government and Aqua for All. The kiosk has showers, toilets and sinks. Here the inhabitants of Metehara can use the facilities for a small fee. For example, a toilet visit costs two Ethiopian Birr (around 6 euro cents). The showers cost five Ethiopian Birr (15 euro cents). A full jerry can with water (20 liters) costs two Ethiopian Birr (around 6 euro cents). Amref Flying Doctors has trained the employees to run, maintain and facilitate the kiosk. The kiosk works on solar energy and therefore also works at night. As a result, the people of Metehara always have access to hot water.

Genet Lakaw - Amref Flying Doctors - Schoon drinkwater: een zaak voor iedereen - persoonlijk verhaal - MADE BLUE

Before the kiosk was here, I had to walk seven kilometers back and forth for clean water. I did this three times a week to get water for my family. I often took my older son with me because it is hard work and he could carry a jerry can. We had no money for transportation. Not only do I have a job now, I also have money left over because the water is cheaper. I can use this to save for the education of my sons.