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More than 350 ambassadors already contribute to our mission: clean drinking water for everyone. We are of course happy with every contribution, but a few ambassadors from the very beginning can now call themselves members of the 100 million club. They each donated more than 100 million liters of clean drinking water in developing countries! Here they are …

i-Team Global achieved considerable water savings with its innovative cleaning machines compared to the traditional mop and bucket that are often used for small spaces. The water that is still used will become available again as clean drinking water via MADE BLUE. The machines are now used worldwide and thus make a significant contribution to our mission.

Did you know that each Quooker COMBI provides water savings of 4,200 liters per year? This is because hot water in the kitchen no longer has to come all the way from the attic. This not only saves water, but also a lot of gas and therefore CO2. Quooker already opted in 2015 to convert the saved water into clean drinking water through our water projects. That has resulted in a multiple of 100 million liters!

Blycolin has been an ambassador from the very beginning. The leading specialist in linen service for the hospitality industry, with more than 150 (partner) laundries, helps the customer with everything that has to do with linen. In collaboration with MADE BLUE, Blycolin mirrors the water it consumes directly in its own laundries. This year Blycolin reached the milestone of no less than 100 million liters of clean drinking water. That means clean drinking water for 1,400 people for at least ten years! Read more…

MAAS has been donating since the start of MADE BLUE. Every consumption that flows through MAAS’s many coffee machines ensures just as much clean drinking water in developing countries. The Made Blue concept fits seamlessly into MAAS’ sustainable thinking. Transparent investment right at the source!

HMSHost operates more than 70 restaurants and catering outlets at Schiphol, including Bread !, East bar & bites, Park Café, Dutch Kitchen & Bar and Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. All the water required for the production and consumption of the drinks served in these catering outlets is mirrored through Made Blue. If you are traveling via Schiphol, take a look at the screens in the Grab & Fly points to see the film we made together.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods produces milk powder and sells it worldwide. The water that Vreugdenhil extracts from the milk in the Netherlands to make that milk powder is mirrored in the countries where the milk powder is sold and where there is great water stress. For example, Vreugdenhil not only supplies the milk holder, but also indirectly supplies the clean drinking water that is needed to make milk, which is no less than 175 million liters per year.

Tennant is also a manufacturer of cleaning machines, but a size bigger. Tennant offers its customers the possibility to fully mirror the water consumption of the machines via Made Blue. For example, Tennant has been mirroring the water consumption of all machines used by Gom for years in collaboration with Gom.

The Interfood Group is one of the leading global dairy suppliers with a distribution of approximately 700,000 MT of dairy products per year. Interfood makes as much clean drinking water available as the water needed to dissolve Interfood’s product volumes in West Africa. That has now become well over 100 million liters.

De Club van 100 miljoen bestaat uit ambassadeurs van Made Blue die in totaal al meer dan 100 miljoen liter schoon drinkwater doneerden.

The 100 million club just keeps getting bigger! We expect to be able to expand this list next year with the first ambassadors from the hospitality industry: Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and Theater de Meervaart ! But also Movenpick that has been donating the water saved in the rooms of this hotel since 2014.

Do you also want to donate 100 million liters of water? Or maybe a little less …