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WASH op het platteland van Bangladesh i.s.m. Simavi
The Corona crisis also speeds up development and innovation, as is demonstrated by some of our ambassadors. They introduced new solutions for better health and hygiene or made improvements to already existing products. We list a few examples that contribute to health and hygiene, nearby as well as in developing countries with MADE BLUE.
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Clear Circle doneert 500 liter water voor elke bag-in-box via MADE BLUE
ClearCircle offers a complete circular package of sustainable and degradable cleaning products for professional use. The “bag-in-box” solution not only ensures a closed packaging flow, unique in the cleaning industry, but now also for clean drinking water via MADE BLUE.
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“In this way we donate 20,000 liters of drinking water for each installed Smixin system in countries where water is most needed. This leads to a zero water balance for all our systems and 20 children have access to clean drinking water for a whole year at school.”
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As a social enterprise, i-did believes in a circular society in which products and raw materials are not thrown away. To emphasize this, i-did mirrors the water that has been saved with the reuse of textiles via MADE BLUE.
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Blycolin is ambassadeur van Een Liter voor Een Liter
Blycolin is the leading international specialist and partner in linen service for the hospitality industry. In collaboration with MADE BLUE, Blycolin mirrors the water they use in their laundries.
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Duurzame Drinkflessen van Retulp
In 2019 our ambassador Retulp launched its new campaign: Mission Indisposable 2020. The objective of this campaign is to donate 20 million liters of clean drinking water, to save 20 million of plastic packaging with at least 20 ambassadors before the start of 2020. In this blog we will explain how they are going to...
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MADE BLUE is on a mission: clean drinking water for everyone. To achieve this, we are mirroring daily water use in countries with a large water shortage in more and more places. We already do this at offices (water coolers), in the catering industry (table water) and at corporate companies (water footprint). This is how we make water from water and give it back in countries where water is not self-evident!