Completeer met stoere RVS-flessen
How do you create a healthy working environment for your employees at the office? It is a problem that many managers are concerned about. After all, vital employees perform better, are more creative and more involved, and make less mistakes. With these quick wins you easily improve your working environment:
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Water op kantoor voor het goede doel
You’ve probably seen them around: the water dispenser that is parked somewhere in a corner of the office, where occasionally some chilled water was taken from. A quite ok system for chilled water, you might think. However, there are better and more sustainable alternatives. In this blog we take you in the sense and nonsense...
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Margreet Noordhoff - foto voor World Vision - Dembiya Ethiopiƫ - MADE BLUE
Access to clean water and sanitary facilities is the sixth point on the list of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which were drafted by the United Nations in 2015. These SDGs should ensure that the world in 2030 is a fair, healthy and safe place to live for everyone. But what is the current state...
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Donaties MADE BLUE: waar gaat het geld naartoe?
Charities are often critically reviewed. Are they operating in a transparent, effective and efficient way? Are donations being properly spent? These are questions that are also very relevant to MADE BLUE.
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