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The summer in the Netherlands really seems to have come to an end and almost everyone is hard at work again. We immediately welcomed a number of new ambassadors and received a nice update of an old project this month. And did you know that we can now even be found in South Korea? You can read it below.

Boca Bar & Kitchen has become a household name in Houten. Enjoy a nice lunch, a drink or a dinner with colleagues or friends. Boca offers the ideal mix of drinks and food. From now on MADE BLUE water is also on the menu and each bottle provides 1000 times as much clean drinking water.

Boca Bar & Kitchen is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE en doneert schoon drinkwater via het water op tafel
Stadsherberg Alphen aan den Rijn is ambassadeur van MADE BLUE en doneert schoon drinkwater via het water op tafel

In Alphen aan den Rijn, the finishing touches are being put to a new boutique hotel: the Stadsherberg. In a few weeks they will open and the water will be ready in the room in bottles with a unique print. We cannot wait.

While we are working hard on our projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam, we are also looking at how our completed projects are going. This month we received a nice update from Dembiya, Ethiopia, through executive partner World Vision. Read the update here…

De Gespleten Arent in Middelburg doneerde al meer dan 3 miljoen liter schoon drinkwater.

In August we were also able to surprise De Gespleten Arent in Middelburg with a cheque for 3,744,000 liters. This hospitality ambassador has already provided clean drinking water for 51 people.

And Lungo Mare in Vlissingen also produced no less than 6,250,050 liters of clean drinking water. This not only provides 85 people with clean drinking water, but has also saved 85 tons of CO2!

Vlissingen doneerde al meer dan 6 miljoen liter schoon drinkwater via MADE BLUE
Arion International MADE BLUE meterstand

August also saw World Water Week. Arion International saw this as a great opportunity to announce its own meter reading. They have now realized almost 28 million liters of clean drinking water. That means clean drinking water for at least 380 people for at least 10 years or longer.

Did you know that we are now also world famous in South Korea? This thanks to Smixin. They were so nice to give us a nice place on their vans there.

Help with our mission: clean drinking water for everyone! From now on you can also determine how many liters of clean drinking water you want to realize on our site. This way you can also mirror your water consumption or savings as a private individual or small company. Take a look here …

Do you also want to save CO2 while giving people access to clean drinking water?