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While it seems as if Corona will stay with us for a while, we look back on the past month. Together with our ambassadors, we will continue to do our utmost to ensure access to hygiene and clean drinking water for everyone on earth. We can’t do this alone, in recent weeks we’ve been joined with ambassadors such as:

enjoying the best water for the world… with a view to World Heritage Site de Waddenzee

to Dubaï: where IBV joined as an ambassador to MADE BLUE. IBV imports sustainable and innovative solutions in the field of heating & cooling and water. The water saved by these solutions is made available as clean drinking water in developing countries by MADE BLUE: one litre for a litre. The cooperation with IBV goes much further, we will be elaborating on that shortly: stay tuned!


Kok Holverda of restaurant Puur in Leiden works – how could it be otherwise – with pure and honest products, which are produced responsibly. With an eye for animals and nature. From Limburg’s Kloostervarken to professor Grunschnabel’s ice cream. And now open to enjoy a delicious bottle of MADE BLUE WATER on the table, and with each bottle 1,000 times as much clean drinking water elsewhere on the planet!

Hopefully the beaches and beach pavilions will be reopening soon. As soon as that is allowed again, you can enjoy MADE BLUE WATER in even more places near the shore, for example at Manta on the Zwarte Pad in Scheveningen or at De Dining in Vlieland: enjoy the best water for the world with breathtaking views over the World Heritage Site the Waddenzee

Away from the beach, but also away from the city? Then you have to be in Haarlem, at Hotel Lion d’Or: eating, drinking, meeting… and with the (rental) bike to the beach, maybe you’ll get a bottle of water for the road :-). Since 1839 a household name in Haarlem and surroundings, and since 2020 also with MADE BLUE WATER on the menu!

Lion d'Or

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With the hospitality industry about to reopen, we wish all our ambassadors who work with MADE BLUE WATER a lot of success, and with our support where possible: together we make the world a better place!