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LionsBot develops cleaning robots that use very little water. The little water that is still used is converted into clean drinking water via Made Blue.

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LionsBot is ambassador since 2022

About LionsBot

LionsBot was built from the love of great cleaning. The idea for LionsBot began when the founders that there was a need for better and more powerful cleaning robots than what the global market had to offer.

LionsBot was founded in Singapore—the name is representing its fierce commitment to innovation and cleaning, and pays homage to the clean & green city that it started from.

Our cleaning robots are designed to use up to 85% less water compared to traditional cleaning methods. We are committed to expand the scale of our sustainability impact by striving towards a net zero water usage – ensuring an equal amount water used by our robots is made available to the rural communities.

Dylan Ng Terntzer, CEO & Co-founder

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From no team to hundreds of cleaning robots in 21 countries, LionsBot’s mission has remained the same: to give cleaners superpowers with easy-to-use, powerful and smart robots – making the world a better place, one cleaning robot at a time.

One litre for one litre

In our program One litre for one litre you can convert the water saving or water consumption of your product, service or organization in an equal amount of litres of clean drinking water in developing countries. Choosing a selection of customers or donating more liters is also an option. Transparency is paramount and we are happy to help you communicate about it!

Other ambassadors


Hago saves an average of 20 litres of water per cleaning hour and offers its customers to mirror this with the same amount of clean drinking water in developing countries via Made Blue.

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Aquablu places water coolers in offices and retail called Aquablu Refill Points that provide chilled and mineralized water. Every litre of water tapped provides the same amount of clean drinking…

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Experiencegift donates clean drinking water to developing countries via Made Blue per gift card, such as with the Hotelgift gift card: 1 gift card for 270,000 hotels worldwide.

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Conservation Labs

Conservation Labs developed an innovative, water-saving product: the H2know. Every H2know sold provides 1000 gallons of drinking water.

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