A sustainable alternative to a bottled-water dispenser at work

You’ve probably seen them around: the water dispenser that is parked somewhere in a corner of the office, where occasionally some chilled water was taken from. A quite ok system for chilled water, you might think. However, there are better and more sustainable alternatives. In this blog we take you in the sense and nonsense of a bottled water dispenser in the office.

bottled water dispenser: transport and hassle

Although a bottled water dispenser provides chilled water, they are not very durable. The water supply for the water dispenser (the water barrels) have to be transported and the empty tanks must be collected again. The stock of water barrels also occupies a lot of space in the office and it’s a lot of hassle.

All of these bottled water dispensers have to be transported and take up a lot of space in the office – unnecessary burden on our earth and unnecessarily plastic waste.

bottled water versus (filtered) tap water at work

Drinking filtered, chilled and carbonated tap water is much more sustainable than using pre-bottled factory water. There is no need for trucks to get your glass of water! The water quality is at least as good: spring water often comes from the same source as tap water. In any case, it is obvious that tap water is fresh and tasty, especially when filtered, chilled or even carbonated (sparkling).

tap water cooler at work: filtered chilled and carbonated water straight from the mains

Tap water is not always as cold and that’s a pity, especially if you have such a hot summer as last year! The alternative to a bottled water dispenser is therefore a water cooler directly connected to the mains. A tap water cooler converts tap water into filtered, chilled still and sparkling spring water. The best of both worlds!

MADE BLUE water dispenser at work

A MADE BLUE water cooler in the office not only provides filtered chilled still and sparkling water for you and your colleagues, but also delivers 1 million litres of clean drinking water in developing countries per year. This provides over 137 people with clean drinking water every year!

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